Sunday, August 15, 2010

3 years later, the Alaska scrapbook is complete!

We took a trip to Alaska in July 2007 and took a TON of pictures.  I was way into scrapbooking at the time, and I found the most awesome touristy store in Fairbanks with a whole scrapbooking section!  I bought a bunch of stickers and paper with Alaska flags and attractions, and collected stickers and tickets and brochures during our trip on our excursions.  So when I got home, I figured all I needed to do was print pictures and pick out a CM scrapbook and it would be a fun, easy project.

But then life got in the way, I guess.  I finally got around to ordering all of our pictures about a year and a half (?) ago, and they've been sitting in a pile in my craft room ever since , unedited and lonely.  This weekend I was looking for a project to complete before school starts back up, and decided to make that scrapbook.  At first I wasn't sure if I was going to make the whole thing this weekend or just get started, but usually once I start something like that my OCD kicks in and I have to finish.  I did that with Nate's tshirt quilt.  I waited until a couple weeks before his birthday to start it, and once I started I was determined to finish the whole thing, from cutting the tshirts to sewing the last seam, in a day.  Phew.

I started this book last night around 8pm, stayed up until 2am or so, and started up again after lunch today.  I finished around 4, and it feels so good to check that book off my to-do list!  The list is still pretty effing long, but this just might be the oldest task on there :)

Now I can start thinking about the scrapbook for the cruise to the Bahamas we took in March with the Millers!  Bonnie and I both bought Carnival scrapbooks and a pack of cruise-themed paper.  We also collected a ton of stickers, souvenirs, and other items that can be put in there, just like I did in Alaska.  That one will have to wait until January, when I'm done with school for a while.  :)  Off to order pictures...


  1. Aww looks good. We need to plan a scrapbook day. I've got soooo much to catch up on.

  2. let's do it! i took out the Carnival book last night and have a ton of flyers and maps and kept all those FunTimes brochures they left on the beds with our towel animals :)