Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hiding my guilty pleasure, saving $6 a month, and a new tradition...

The little bookshelf in my craft room has been bothering me for a while, because it looks so cheap.  While I don't have the funds to replace it for a bigger and better storage system, like this, I wanted to find a cheap and easy way to make it look more grown up and organized. 

I've been looking for a basket with a lid, where I can hide my guilty pleasure - my Beverly Lewis books.  I love her books - they are my go-to when I go on vacation and don't know what my reading mood will be, because they're a universal fit to my ever-changing moods.  I usually have one in the car or my purse just in case I get stuck somewhere or have time to waste.  However, although I love her books, if you walk into my craft room and see them all, you'll instantly compare me to a 12 year old who has every book in Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events or the American Girl collection. 

Anyways...after work today I stopped at Michael's to pick up some blank invitations for an  upcoming party, and I perused the basket aisle to see what they had.  I was in luck - they had the perfect basket!  I hadn't measured the shelf, but the basket looked like the perfect size to fit onto the shelves, and it had a liftable lid attached!  Score!  All the baskets were 40% off and I had a gift card, so I ended up paying $17 for 2 baskets!  My wallet did a happy dance right there in the store! :)

Once I got home and recovered from seeing my rotten-but-still-functional porch railing no longer functioning (I'm blaming the UPS guy), ...

...I got to work cleaning up my bookshelf.

The first change was removing the cable box from the shelf.  I think I've watched TV in that room maybe 4 times since we've lived here, so there's really no point in paying $5.99 a month for the cable box.  Waste of money, so I'm taking it back.  With that gone, I was left with 2 full shelves empty and waiting for the baskets.  I loaded up the baskets with my many BL books and put them in their place.

Yes, that's an abacus collection.  No, I don't care if you think I'm a dork.

Much better!  Except the bottom basket seems to be a little drunk and leaning.  I hope that doesn't still bother me after a week.

The new tradition is in the jar beside the television.  We've been trying not to buy souvenirs when we go on vacation, like t-shirts and other junk that gets thrown to the back of the closet after one or two wears.  So instead of buying junk we don't need, we've been buying stickers I can put in my planner to serve as a mini-scrapbook of our adventures for the year, and we're going to send ourselves postcards from our vacation spots.

Our most recent trip was to the mountains, where we stayed at the Inn at Gristmill Square.  We picked up a postcard from the office, wrote down the top 5 things we did during the trip, and dropped it in the mail before we made the trip home.  As we travel and collect these mementos, we'll store them in this jar so we can pull them out and reminisce, or use them as a source of favorite attractions, restaurants, or lodging options to help plan future trips.


  1. Love the baskets! And that post card idea is very cute!! :)

  2. thanks :) looks much cleaner and less cluttered.

    i found a postcard we sent ourselves from North Pole, AK, but we didn't write anything on it at the time...guess that still counts. :)