Saturday, August 28, 2010

Date day, plus groceries

Dave and I decided to visit a local Richmond favorite today for lunch.  Last weekend, Crystal was telling us about an adventure she took with her sister recently to a lovely ice cream stand in Richmond along with its neighbor, Kitchen 64.  Neither of us had ever been there, and I have to admit that until this semester started and I drove past it to get to the Ginter Park campus, I didn't know where it was.  I nearly wrecked my car staring at it as I drove past Thursday night from, and as soon as I got home that night, I asked Dave if we could make a date of it.

After running some errands this morning, including picking up this awesome spice jar from Sur La Table, we headed over to Kitchen 64 for lunch.  We knew we were in for a treat when we saw that the parking lot was not only full, but overflowing into loading zones and in-front-of-the-dumpster spaces, and were surprised that we got a table within 5 minutes or so!

Some of the dishes are named after local intersections, parks, roads near the restaurant - I got the Bryan Park cold plate, which included chicken salad, fresh fruit, pasta salad and cole slaw, all surrounding a spoonful of greek yogurt and honey.  Doesn't sound like me, right?  I knew that our next stop would be ice cream so I went for a light lunch.  More on that later, but the cold plate was so good!  Dave got a toasted turkey sandwich with cranberry spread and sprouts, with sweet potato fries!  The fries were awesome - you don't see sweet potato fries at restaurants often, so if/when you do, you better get them!

I was the dork taking pictures from the table.

I didn't think anyone noticed, but the ladies next to us offered to take our picture as they were leaving, so I guess I must not have been as secretive as I thought I was. :)  Dave did his typical "OH, THAT'S A TERRIBLE PICTURE!" after she took it, and she snapped back (with a smile, of course) "I can't do anything about the subject."  HA!  One day someone's gonna punch him in the face for that joke.

Here's what I saved my appetite for - next door to Kitchen 64 is a new sister place called Sweet 95, since these 2 sit at the bottom of the 64/95 split.  It also has aptly named dishes like 'I can't drive 95,' 'Nuttzy' (The Squirrels' mascot), and then there are some traffic-related titles since this is notoriously the worst traffic spot in town.  64 vs. 95. vs. Laburnum vs. 195 vs. Staples Mill.  It's a clusterf***.  Every day.

I got the PB&J Traffic Jam.  It's halfway between a milkshake and a DQ blizzard and better than both.  So good!
 sorry you can only see half my head

We finished out the day at Costco and the grocery store, stocking up the for next couple weeks, and now we're lounging around...I'm doing some file organizing later.  FUN!


  1. Didn't I tell you it was awesome! Did you guys try the buffalo shrimp?


  2. Crystal - thanks so much for the recommendation! It was awesome! I should give you props for the to update this entry :)

    We didn't get the buffalo shrimp this time but will definitely be going back :)

  3. Billy and I want to go to that ice cream place. It looks cool and the names are soooo clever! :)

  4. glad you finally got to experience the goodness that is kitchen64 :D

  5. i want to go back and get a sandwich - the bread looked awesome! and the fries! yum.

  6. let's go! i want to try the nuttzy or the stella baklava sundae!