Sunday, August 29, 2010

What is my obsession with books?

It's no secret that I love books.  They were my babysitter when I was young, in addition to The Goonies and Kids Incorporated, and just love everything about them.   Come on, you know you remember the theme song:

When you read a book, you can escape to a different world or live someone else's life, if only for a few minutes or pages at a time.  I wasn't a popular kid (has that changed?), so on the weekends when I wasn't at Girl Scouts or soccer or ballet, instead of birthday parties I was probably in my room or in the backyard sitting under or up in the huge tree reading a book.

We have a storage ottoman in the study with all of our favorite childhood books, along with some fairy tale collections, comic books, and the Daring book for Girls, an awesome collection of things all girls should know.  Not text speak, Hannah Montana's alter ego, or all the words to Justin Beiber's new album - real things that most girls would think are 'boy things,' like how to play baseball, make a volcano science project, and the most effective way to climb a tree.  Leah will appreciate it.  If not her, then the other yet-to-be-named girl definitely will - she'll be our tomboy. 

Also in the storage ottoman used to be 50 Babysitter's club books, 7 Super Specials, and the official BSC babysitter's notebook. Unfortunately, the childhood book box was getting too big for its britches, and it ended up overflowing so that the top no longer laid flat on top.

I'm 75% sure I bought all the Babysitter's club books on ebay some years ago, and that they're not my actual copies of the books, so I felt pretty good about purging them when we were cleaning out the room for the new look.  They were promptly posted on Craigslist and snatched up in a few hours.

With those gone along with a few others we didn't need to keep, the ottoman could now be neatly organized...and the top fit!  Score!  It's the little things in life that make me happy :)


  1. It's def the little things in life that matter. :)

  2. hope leah likes mother goose :) that book is well-loved.