Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's official - I'm married to a 4 year old...

You know how little kids like to take toys apart and put the pieces in their pockets for later?  Yeah, I guess Dave does that too.  I just brought all the laundry downstairs and sorted it.  As I was emptying pockets, something fell out of one of them and flew across the room!  So once I was done sorting I went over to check it out - what did I find? 

Really, Dave?  The head of C3PO?  In your pajama pants pocket?  Really?  In what circumstance does a 30-something year old man need the head of C3PO in his pocket?


  1. I think that's cute! You're never too old for toys. :)

  2. the funny thing is that i forgot i put c3po's head on that pile of laundry, and he's probably in the dryer now, melted :(