Friday, August 6, 2010

Tie dye cupcakes

Rainbow cake is all the rage these days so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

Lora made a cupcake version the other night and I was inspired to copy them for Bonnie's birthday lunch tomorrow!  They're fun and playful, everything a birthday should be, so I think they're perfect!

And so easy!  I just made my basic vanilla cupcake recipe and split the batter into 5 small bowls.  I tried to make them as even as possible, but I'm sure they were a little off.  Good news is that with this recipe, a little off is just right :)

Once I had my batter divided, I added food coloring to each bowl, and ended up with blue, green, pink, orange, and yellow!

I lined my cupcake tins and put a heaping tablespoon of the blue batter in first.  Then I added a spoonful of pink, then yellow, green, and orange.

They look so cool!  But I think they look more like tie dye, so that's what I'm calling them :)

Now all they need is icing and some sprinkles and they're ready to go!

Update:  here's the finished product! :)


  1. So cute! It's hard to get them even and then to put the right amount in! When I first made them they exploded because I put too much in but this second time I used Livi sized spoons and they came out great. Hope everyone loves them.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! My favorite cupcake!! :) Thanks again for making them for my birthday! :)

  3. you're so welcome! they are really fun to make, and the messier you are in the kitchen, the better they'll look :)

    took the stress off - my OCD didn't have to kick in so much, i could just have fun and make them abstract! :)

  4. You could also do different ones at holidays. Like for Halloween: mix orange and black....Christmas: Red and green.....Valentine's: pinks, purples and reds.....Easter: pastels!!! OMG!!! So many great ideas!!!!!! :)