Tuesday, December 9, 2008

T-shirt quilt

In March, when we were unpacking some boxes at the Millers', we came across all of Nate's high school t-shirts. We all have them - we'll never wear them again, but we don't want to get rid of them - ring a bell? So I asked him if I could take them home with me to make something out of them, he humored me and I assume forgot all about it.

This is the kind of project that you know will take 1 or 2 days to complete, but it takes you much more time to gear up to buckle down and just do it! This is mostly because if you mess something up, you can't just go buy more fabric. You have potentially flubbed up this awesome thing that is full of memories!

I decided early this fall that I was going to put together this quilt and give it to him as a birthday gift, so that gave me a hard deadline to finish it - I figured if I handled this the way I handle things at work, that was the only way I'd get it done.

The final push I needed was the sale at Hancock Fabrics on Black Friday - the fleece I needed for the backing and the quilter's cotton I needed for the sashing and corner pieces were all on sale, and I had a coupon and a gift card! Perfect motivation :)

So I picked up all the supplies I needed and spent all Saturday and Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend stitching this quilt together. I think it turned out really nice, and now I feel obligated to finish the one I told Dave I'd make him years ago :)


  1. That is an amazing quilt! Please teach me!

  2. You're so talented!! I love it just as much as Nate. It smells like Dave though. Did he wrap himself in it? LOL :)