Thursday, August 28, 2008

Billy's coming home!

Billy's coming home from Iraq on 9/7 so my girls and I are taking a road trip to Camp LeJeune to welcome him home!

We'll make t-shirts and signs and embarrass the CRAP out of him!

Crappy day

It took me 80 minutes to get to work today - it normally takes me 25-35, depending on traffic. Apparently no one in the southside knows that when it's been raining for 2 days and you're in your car, you're supposed to turn your lights on, slow down, and open up your eyes. I must have passed 5 accidents on Midlo...

Then on Robious, mud from a construction site was running out into the road so it was flooded. Robious is only 2 lanes so once you're in a line of cars stopped, there's NO WAY OUT...

Finally someone grew a pair and went across the stream...once we all realized that he got across safely we slowly inched across. Probably dangerous, but if you can't turn around and there are no other roads in sight, what can you do?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random survey that I made up - please respond if you wish...

1. What is your favorite memory of visiting your grandparents when you were young?

2. What does your house smell like?

3. How often do you say you're going to do on a diet, once and for all?

4. On a scale of 1-10 (10 meaning you couldn't be happier), how much do you love your job? If less than 5, please explain.

5. What's the nastiest dinner you've ever eaten?

6. What part of your house would you change and why?

7. What do you really think went on between Jesus and Mary Magdalene?

8. Who is your favorite local celebrity?

9. Would you ever take a trip with the intent to do good for humanity? Example - visit troops in Iraq, feed the hungry in Africa, etc. BE HONEST...

10. Where on the body would be the most painful place to get a tattoo?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Now I'm in the right time zone!


I guess this blog is in Pacific Time - just want to clarify that I did not go to bed at 7:24 on Saturday night. I sleep a lot, but that's excessive, even for me!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lynchburg road trip

Today, Bonnie and Ashley and I took a road trip to Lynchburg to pick up Ashley's wedding dress!

We got up early despite staying up late last night addressing Ashley's wedding invitations (and by addressing, I mean Bonnie addressed as I watched and coveted her handwriting). We determined the GPS route would be the one we use, ignoring Nate's claim that TomTom tried to kill him last weekend in Pennsylvania - something about it telling him to drive straight into a brick wall and urging him to make 2 consecutive U-turns (doesn't that mean he ended up going in the same direction he was originally going?). The trip there was pretty uneventful - not much to look at through Amelia and Farmville...

Ashley's mom and other sister met at the bridal shop and we all piled on the comfy viewing couch in the bridal shop and waited while Ashley put her dress on. She has been adamant that none of us knew the style, color, or any other details of her dress until her first fitting, which was today. We had a hint at the style when we picked out our bridesmaid dress and she implied that it was the same basic silhouette of her dress (picture of BM dress below), but I was not prepared for how unique her dress is! She looked so happy when she put it on today and she is going to be beautiful on her wedding day!

It would be wrong to post any details here - Daniel is not allowed to know anything about the dress until he sees her walk down the aisle, and I WILL NOT be the one who spoils this surprise!

When she was finished with her fitting, we had lunch and did a little shopping. Then we drove around historic downtown Lynchburg to take pictures and soak up some history. We visited Point of Honor, Patrick Henry's personal physician's former home; and Old City Cemetery, where we saw an open-air coffin used for transferring unembalmed bodies (blech) along with graves as old as 1820's.

We tried to go antiquing but all the stores we tried to go in were either closed when the signs said they should be open, or were too full of junk to find a gem.

We decided we had learned enough for one day and headed home. We passed an Amish roadside stand so of course we turned around to check out the goodies. Good prices on the quilts they had on display, but a good price on an Amish-made quilt is still out of my price range. Plus, I plan on going to Lancaster in September, so I'll wait until then and buy one from a real homestead!

OK, I've fulfilled my 2 posts for today, so it's time for bed.

My parents always wanted waterfront property...

...And now their wishes have come true.

Northeastern Florida has been lucky so far and has been spared the wrath of Hurricane Fay.

Here are some pictures - whitecaps at the Beach and 2 views of the street from the the safety of the garage on higher land.

Click on image to enlarge.

Am I cool enough for this?

Am I cool enough to have a blog?

My dad has one, but he is smart and has tons of philosophical musings to share with the world. Kara has one, but she has a really cool life complete with tennis lessons, a baby on the way, and 2 poodles to give her plenty of ammunition for an entry at least once a week, if not daily! Dave has one on MySpace that he updates whenever something really good or really bad happens.

I'd like to set my blog up for success by not creating unrealistic expectations of how often I will post, and if/when I do post, how interesting said post will be.

I have 2 posts in mind for today, so this will be my trial run. Let me know if I need to be more interesting and I'll try to make up something.