Friday, August 27, 2010

Small project, big meaning

When we finished the update in the front room from sunflower paradise to sophisticated study, I wanted to bring in some personal touches.  We bought this A letter stand for a wall shelf, and will be purchasing these K and D aluminum letters at Tweed when I can catch them in stock to be used as book-ends.  I also wanted to tie in our wedding date in the room somehow.

A few months ago, Kara told me about a new shop, Posh, that has fabulous home accessories, jewelry, a baby section, and great odds and ends that would make great gifts for just about anyone.  I spotted these awesome balls that looked like vintage Bingo balls that would spin around in a cage - they had letters and numbers, so I picked up 2 1's and a 5 for our wedding date, along with a K and a D.

I thought they'd fit in a champagne glass we had leftover that couldn't fit in the stemware holders in the new wine cabinet, but when I got home, I realized they wouldn't all fit.  But we also had an empty Mason jar hanging around waiting to be used for a project, so I used it to hold my balls.  :)

Here it is in its new home, right next to some yummy Montepulciano wine.

Also at Posh, I picked up this awesome map paperweight.  I'm going for an old world feeling in the room, and even though the US is the new world and totally contradicts what I thought I wanted, I needed it.

It sits on the side table with the awesome tripod lamp.

I'm still working on some other ways to personalize the room, like a couple pictures of us, but I don't want to go overboard and clutter up the room.  We'll see what I come up with.


  1. awesome.

    we have balls like that with our wedding date too. fayth got them for us from someplace after we set our wedding date. they are cute!