Monday, August 9, 2010

Yuckball of the week

This week's (actually last week's) yuckball is a man who commented on a news story about American Family Fitness's policy regarding family memberships.  A gay couple applied for a family membership, only to be denied saying Amfit's policy is to strictly adhere to Virginia's definition of a family.

“We just base the memberships and guidelines on what Virginia state law calls a family – a woman and a man, a husband and a wife,” James, a membership director at [Amfit], says.  “At this present time, we don’t have that because it’s not in the writing of what a family is.”

This man commented:
lloyd talbott on August 4, 2010 at 12:22 am | Permalink
hooray for american family fitness as a parent with children with memberships at several centers it makes me appreciate aff mor knowing that when i am there with my family (wife and kids) that i dont have to worry about explaining the facts of gays and lesbians to my kids As long as family fitness continues to operate a morally responsible operation i will be a member Go AFF you have many many supporters

and continued:
Personally most straight people and their families dont want to be around gays and lesbians anyway I f gays and lesbians want to work out so badly why dont they get together and start the gay and lesbian fitness centers they really need to stop trying to convince us that their lifestyle is okay its not and we would prefer not to have it shown in public take it back in the closet where it belongs

Really, Lloyd?  "Most straight people...don't want to be around gays and lesbians?"  Speak for yourself.  I hope your children grow up to be more tolerant than you.

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