Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yuckball of the Week

This week's winner is Michael's.  I bought a 100-pack of blank invitations for an upcoming party and my baby book project.  I opened the box and printed a few pages of the baby book and noticed that every 5th sheet was crumpled on one end.  I stopped printing and called Michael's to ask them if I could return the box even though it was open and I used some of the invites. 

They said no!  I even spoke to a manager, who said they would take it back if I hadn't used any, but since it's used they won't take it back or exchange it for a new box.  What a bunch of yuckballs! 

So I continued printing the baby book pages, being careful to take out every 5th sheet.  There were plenty to cover that project, but (without doing the math) I don't think I'll enough good ones left to print the party invites.  I'll be purchasing the new box from Ben Franklin or Joann. 

I know, my life is so rough that this is my biggest problem to deal with.  But it pisses me off.

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