Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Last week at a happy hour, some coworkers were talking about quirky things they do with their food.  One girl said she has to get a little bit of everything on her plate in every bite.  Her husband eats all of 1 food item on his plate first, before moving on to another.  My VP said he can't start eating breakfast until everything is ready and on his plate - like if the bacon's cooking but toast is done, he'd rather it get cold than eat it before his whole breakfast is ready.

Then they asked me what my quirk was and I couldn't think of anything.  I always have a hard time thinking of things like that on the spot.  One time Uncle Bob asked me if I collected anything and I said 'nah.'  Um, that's wrong - I collect quilts, turtles (at the time), kitchen towels, Cat's Meow, and other random things.  But in that second I blanked and couldn't think of anything. Duh.

Anyways, when they asked me what my quirk was, I should have told them that I play survival of the fittest with potato chips and crackers. 

Broken or crumby chips are eaten first, followed by curled or funky shaped ones.  Then I eat the ones that are the right size but look funny for whatever reason - maybe they're a different color or have less salt or flavor coating on them.  Some chips just piss me off - can't explain it.  Then I'm left with all regular-sized, normal chips, which I eat one by one.

I didn't say it was normal, just wanted to share :)  I do the same with french fries, and I'll bet no one ever noticed.  Now they will :)

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  1. LOL With fries I don't like eating the pointy ones and sometimes I will bite off the good part and leave the pointy part. haha :)