Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Best anniversary present ever!

On a seemingly spontaneous visit, Bonnie came to Richmond today to run some 'errands.'  I knew about one errand which I'll keep a secret for now, but I had a feeling that wasn't the only reason she drove all the way here.  On a Wednesday.  At 9am.

On my way home tonight, Dave called and told me not to panic, which instantly made me panic.  He said "Someone was in our house today..."  Me:  "mmm hmm, and...?"  Dave:   "...and left us something on the couch."

What kind of robber leaves all the good stuff, and is nice enough to leave something behind?  Turns out it wasn't a robber at all, it was my BFF leaving us the most awesome and personal anniversary gift!

So cute!!  I can't believe she had so many pictures of the two of us together!  Right in the middle was a sweet little message, right below our most favorite picture ever:  the one Dave took at the altar right after we said "I do," a la "13 going on 30" (fast forward to 1:20).  It made our guests laugh, and captured a great moment that we'll never forget.  My in-laws describe it as the definition of happiness - cheesy, but they said it.

The pictures range from a trip to the mountains back in 2003, all the way until last weekend at Bonnie and Nate's anniversary party!  We look so young in some of them!  It was fun going through each one, remembering where we were, who we were with, and when it was in our relationship...trip down memory lane :) 

The common theme among them (except for a few from Alaska and random dates we've taken) is that the Millers are with us, off camera, but it solidified how much we've done as a foursome and that there's no other couple I'd want to spend so much time with.  Who else can listen to Dave and I bitch at each other over socks and dishes and snicker at us, knowing they've had that same fight?  That's a true friend...haha :)

Thank you Millers! :)

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  1. You're welcome!! :)

    Glad you guys love it. Looking thru the pictures brought back lots of good memories.

    Thanks for being you! :)