Monday, November 15, 2010

Yuckball of the Week: Goodwill Industries

Alternate Title:  Spoiled girl complains about a $4 vase...

A few years ago, when we had the Browns (then:  an Albrecht and a Brown) and the Millers over for Thanksgiving dinner, I put out slips of paper, with a ribbon on one end, so we could jot down some things for which we were thankful.  I thought it would be a good way to remember the true meaning of the day, before we had a few beers, got into the dirty jokes, and were laughing so hard soda comes out our noses, as many dinners with this group conclude.

After we finished eating dinner, and found a calm spot, I read the cards aloud to the group.  Some were more sincere than others, some were funnier than others, but they were all wonderful to hear.  I have them hanging from my message board in the craft room on a binder ring.  They're still cool to read, and all still relevant.

I was hoping to resurrect the activity this year and make it a tradition, and YHL gave me the inspiration/kick in the butt to make it happen.  They created a gratitude jar with a 99 cent purchase from Goodwill... Dave and I headed over to there last weekend to hunt for a jar.  According to their website, "Goodwill stores feature gently used and new items that are bargains for smart shoppers." Not so much with this perfect vase I found.  It's about as tall as a pint glass, but much wider and more round. 

I thought $4.25 seemed pricey based on the other vases near it, and when I turned it over, I saw that the original price of the item was $3.99.  That means some consumer paid $3.99 for this vase, used it for a time, donated it to Goodwill, and now they're selling it for 26 cents higher than the retail cost?  I don't get it. That's not a bargain.

They also had an Anchor Hocking cake dome/punch bowl combo that I paid $17 for brand new on sale for $20.25. 

We settled on this other vase, that was only $1.25.  Makeover pics to come...


  1. I loved that thankful note idea! :) That's so cute that you left them up. :D I might steal your idea this year when we have Thanksgiving dinner with Nate's parents. :D I'm sure I have a jar around the house I can use. :) hmmm....

    That's funny that goodwill is trying to rip ppl off. You should have showed it to an employee and said "what the goodwill price"? LOL

  2. Ah ha ha this could only happen to you K! I like the one you ended up getting with the cork - it's cute.

  3. hopefully tonight i'll etch the 'thanks' on it. if it'll ever stop raining!