Friday, November 26, 2010

Boobie cupcakes

I saw a post on Cupcake Project that gave me an idea for Thanksgiving cupcakes.  She made apple cobbler cupcakes with pumpkin pie filling piped on top as frosting.  But since I had already made apple cobbler cupcakes a few weeks ago, I thought I'd just do a golden yellow cupcake and inject each one with some pie filling.  I wanted to do something fun, rather than the traditional pumpkin pie,so this sounded perfect!

I baked a frozen pumpkin pie - I know, the horror!  Not from scratch?  Who cares!?!  I did make the cupcakes from scratch, so I have that going for me...

I got my piping bag ready, fitted onto my pint glass for stability, and spooned out some of the pumpkin pie filling. 
 Full pie

 Empty pie

 I injected each cupcake with a tbsp. or so of the filling.  I just eyeball it - when the cupcake starts rising like it's going to explode, you might wanna take out the piping bag.  They look like boobies, no?

I didn't frost them - because they're so heavy I wanted to do a light topping, so I picked up some Reddi-whip to add right before I served them, topped with a little sprinkle of cinnamon.  I have no pictures because we devoured them so quickly!

Hindsight - they need more pumpkin pie filling.  After biting into one, I realized the filling is only in the top inche or so of the cupcake, so the rest is just plain yellow cake.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it would be better if you get a little filling in every bite.  Next time (if there's a next time) I'll scoop out some of the cupcake with a spoon, like I do with the PB&J cupcakes, so I have more visibility into how much filling is in there.  

They were still good, just could have been better.  Paired with a 1/2 piece of pumpkin bread and butter, it was a good, hearty Thanksgiving dessert.

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  1. looks cool...

    you totally need that sur la table tool for the cupcakes to get more filling in them. :D