Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To vinyl or not to vinyl?

I'm going for a crisp, clean tablescape (ew, I hate that word - damn you, Sandra Lee!) this year for Thanksgiving.  I saw these awesome pumpkin salt and pepper shakers in the BB&B ad, and ran right out to get them, using the attached $5 coupon...

When I got home, I started thinking...I know, that's dangerous.  I have plain white dishes, a new butter dish from C&B, and a matching gravy boat we got as a wedding gift - so I'm going for a crisp, white theme, with pops of fall color.  I'll get the pops from mini-pumpkin napkin rings, some fresh flowers, and supplies for a gratitude activity we'll do during dinner :)

The only problem is the tablecloth.  I bought a new gold one, with fally embroidery, but as soon as I got home and went to put it in the linen closet, I found a more neutral one that I think I like better.  The only problem with that one is that it's vinyl.  So, I think I've answered my question of which tablecloth to use, but I thought I'd let the masses reinforce it.  To vinyl or not to vinyl?
Gold embroidered


What do the masses think?


  1. I think I like the vinyl one better. Can you take a picture of both of them far away so you can see the whole tablescape? I can't believe I just said tablescape either. LOL

  2. that's a good idea...need to get the fold wrinkles out of it first :) it's been in the package since i bought it, whenever that was...didn't even know i had it. haha