Sunday, November 21, 2010

BFF Project Day: Part II - Crafty Signage

Last week, Bonnie emailed me and asked: "If you could use one word to display in your craft room, what would it be?"

Um, that's a hard one.  But I went with 'create,' but had no idea why she was asking or how my answer might affect my life.  :)  Turns out, she was planning a project for us today: decorating paper mache letters - awesome!  She had also picked out 6 perfect pieces of scrapbook paper, all of which screamed my name.  We brushed mod podge on the front side of each letter, pressed the paper onto the sticky side, and then traced around the letter with a craft knife.  Easy peasy!

Turn the letter over and you have a custom decorated monogram! 

 Can you feel Bonnie's determination?  This is what my face and posture looked like yesterday when I was making my gratitude jar.
Also, the deck needs to be washed...

Here are our finished projects.  Bonnie made radio for her vintage microphone and radio-themed toile craft room!

And a close-up of mine - love the patterns!  Not matchy-matchy but complementary:

Next up:  BFF Project Day:  Part III - Christmas Cards

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  1. Glad you like the surprise project!! :) I really need to find shelves. I want to get those chrome ones at Ikea. I think those will be the best with my mics and goes with the greys and toile in the room. ;D When are we going to Ikea?