Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here's your sign?

So I'm sitting in my classroom at a nice comfy desk, working on my laptop, and the security guard comes around to tell me that I can't be in there because my class doesn't start for 30 minutes.  She tells me I can go to the student lounge that's in a building 1/4 mile away, in the basement, in the dark.  Um, thanks, but no thanks. 

I asked if I could just sit in the hall and she agreed.  I left the classroom and she walked away, but left the classroom open.  She was so concerned that 'the computer might turn up missing and this young girl was the last one in the room' - why wouldn't she lock the door after she left?  

I’m now sitting on the floor 3 feet from the open classroom door.

Fun times at community college.  Can't wait until December.


  1. Well you know you look like a suspicious criminal. LOL

  2. I am pretty dangerous looking! haha