Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chocolate whoopie pies: Take 2!

I made another attempt at chocolate whoopie pies today, to redeem myself for that salty, flavorless debacle of a few weeks ago.  I'm planning to take them to the Millers' house tomorrow for Halloween, so I made then a little theme-y, too, with orange buttercream filling.

The chocolate cake part still tasted funny to me before I added the filling, but I think it's because I'm just not a fan of chocolate cake.  The unsweetened cocoa taste/flavor really stands out to me for some reason.  Dave said they're good, but he's legally obligated to love everything I make, so I'm not sure...once they were complete, with filling, I liked them better.

The buttercream is more peach than Halloween orange, but I didn't want to add any more food coloring to them.

Looking forward to tomorrow!  Some of it's a surprise to the Millers so I can't give it away but we'll have fun times, as always :)