Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas monster got me

Of all places to catch the Christmas spirit, it found me today at Michael's.  I was there shopping for scrapbook supplies, and walked by a glorious display of christmas ornaments and bells.

They were all colors, shapes, and sizes - the only problem is that I don't like that kind of ornament on my tree.  They're too shiny and I hate those paper clip things you have to manipulate to hang the ornaments on the tree and stay there for longer than 4 minutes.

You think I walked by, felt all happy, and walked away leaving them at the store, right?  No.  I needed them.  They were calling my name, even though I knew I wouldn't use them as ornaments.  I want to use them as vase filler!  I have tried rocks, coffee beans, corks, and pine cones, but never Christmas ornaments.  So today is the day. 

Of course, it's way too early to put this beauty on display, but it sure does look cute with a plain cream-colored pillar candle surrounded by bauble.


  1. I love Christmas Baubles!! :) The candle display looks awesome! :)

    I want to decorate for Christmas already. It's too early tho. LOL

  2. i'm ready to decorate too :)

    probably will when we get back from ny.. :X