Saturday, October 2, 2010

I wish every Saturday was like this

Today was an awesome day!  It started with an all-day (which ended up being more like 4 hours) scrapbooking event in Montpelier at Hopeful Baptist Church

I packed up all my cruise pictures, stickers, paper, and the scrapbook that I bought on the ship.  The consultant had all kinds of tools set out for us to use - cutting systems, scissors, markers, the whole shebang.  I had brought all my stuff just in case, but she was so prepared!

I think Bonnie finished her whole album in the time we were there, but I'm way OCD when I scrapbook, so I only did a whopping 7 pages!  I have to pick the perfect 3 or 4 pictures for each page, trim them, find the matching stickers, coordinating picture-framing and background paper, then start the painstaking process or putting it all together.  I think I did pages documenting Sunday, Monday, and half of Tuesday of our trip.  I was going to finish out Tuesday, but I couldn't find any paper that reminded me of stand-up comedy (does anyone know what that means?), so I stopped there for the day.

On the way home from the church, Bonnie and I ran a highly unsuccessful errand for my mom.  Not only did Kohl's not have what we were looking for, but the amount of time it took to find a parking space at the not-new-but-newly-rebuilt store was more stressful than finding parking anywhere on Black Friday.

We came home and rested for a bit and then had dinner at Mimi's and dessert at Sweet 95!  Love that place! :)

Now we're going to pass out until tomorrow, which will be dedicated to Biology reading, quiz, and homework.  :)


  1. no freaking way! i had no idea there were such events like this! i must find out about such events and be included :)