Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apple cobbler cupcakes

 Happy Fall!

Thursday was our fourth quarter team fun event - we went to Carter Mountain Orchard to pick apples.  I was the fat kid who couldn't climb the mountain without taking 30 breaks, but I got to the top!  Er, I got to the sign that said 'No picking past this point - Keep Out.'

My team didn't listen that well.  When I finally reached the top I shouted for them but didn't get a response, so I went into the trees that were on the non-forbidden side of the sign.  Unfortch all the apples this shorty could reach were either already picked or rotten.  I found 1 baby apple and then I heard my team coming back down the hill with bags and bags full of apples.  Of course disobeying the sign is cool since it's for the food bank, but really guys?

I think we got over $100 worth of apples for the food bank - plus some for ourselves.  We took a break on the back deck overlooking Charlottesville, and did some shopping in the country store before heading back down the mountain.

I picked up some Jonagold apples - Nate's mom is always looking for Jonathan apples since they're her favorite, but they're hard to find.  Bonnie and I looked at Graves Mountain last weekend but they said the Jonathan's were ready early this year and they didn't have any left.   So I got 4 for her and 4 for me :)

After an awesome anniversary party for Bonnie and Nate last night I am exhausted today, so after some typical Sunday errands and a trip to Islamorada for gator tail, I got back in my jammies and spent some quality time with my kitchen.  I used my Jonagolds to make some apple cobbler cupcakes (from the Cupcake Project blog) - but since I chose to substitute a cinnamon-sugar sprinkle for the frosting, they're more like apple cobbler muffins.  Dave didn't think the pumpkin-pie-filling-as-cupcake-frosting idea was a very good one, so we left them naked.

They are sweet on top, cakey in the middle, and the apple bits are still a bit crunchy!  Perfect!

I was going to make an apple pie too, but....nah.

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