Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All I want is to be your sunflower

On the way home from Grandma's Pumpkins last week, we noticed a field of sunflowers on her neighbor's property.  I, of course, yelled "COOOOL!!!" and Dave rolled his eyes.  It was dusk so we didn't stop, but I made a mental note to go back when I had the chance and pick some sunflowers!

When I was telling Bonnie about it, she reminded me that I'm terrified of sunflowers and corn fields.  Horror movies have ruined a lot of things for me, but sunflower fields and corn fields are the worst.  Good thing these sunflowers are only knee-high.  So there was no crying, no anxiety, and no running upstairs to get away from the psycho killer chasing me because I had sex and did drugs.

It's honor system, so I dropped my $2 in the moneybox, snapped some pics, and picked 6 sunflowers :)

A lot of the flowers were wilted because it's been so dry since the spring (except the recent 2-days-straight rainstorm), but there were plenty of good ones to choose from.

Here are my 6:

I brought them home, cleaned them up a little, and put them in one of my Mason jars.  I think I also got some bugs included in my $2 sunflowers, but they can hang out too.

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  1. I thought you were getting all the sunflowers out of the house and now you're bringing them back in. hahaha j/k :P

    Very cute!! I especially love the part that the flowers came with some bugs. Too funny! :)