Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grandma's pumpkins

Bonnie inspired me to get my fall butt in gear yesterday!

For the past few years, Dave and I have been getting our pumpkins, mums, and various other fall decorating items from Lancaster County, PA.  We usually go on Whoopie Pie Festival weekend (happened on accident the first year and I'm a creature of habit), which is usually also Thomas the Train's weekend to visit the Strasburg Railroad.  But this year we took a cruise with the Millers to celebrate our anniversaries, so there was no money left over for another awesome vacation.  Next year, for sure.

So since we didn't get up to Amish country this year, we haven't bought any fall decor and our porch looks so sad.  When I read about Bonnie's fun trip to Snead's Farm for pumpkins, I was motivated to change that!  So I put out a plea on Facebook for locations in Chesterfield County where I could pick up both pumpkins and mums without visiting a chain store or the local berry farm which is just too far to drive after work.  And no, I couldn't wait until this weekend!  I knew of a farm near our house that always has fruits and veggies for sale in the summertime, but wasn't sure if they'd have pumpkins.  But Candice answered my FB plea and confirmed that this place is where I should go.  So off we went to Grandma's Pumpkins!

It's right on Courthouse Rd. but if you didn't hear the constant stream of cars passing by you'd swear you were in the country.  They had pre-picked pumpkins, gourds, and some yard decorations.  Not quite as cool as a pumpkin patch but just as fally.

We picked up a large pumpkin and a smaller white one.  For some reason I always want a non-traditional pumpkin - I need a unique one.  We also got some gourds and mini pumpkins for a coffee table decoration and then headed home.

I was going to get mums too, but Grandma was charging $14 each, so we left without one.  Stopped by Great Big Greenhouse tonight and picked 2 up for $4.99 each!

I also picked up a winter pansy to brighten up the deck a little.  It's so dreary out there with the table and grill covered up - needed some color.   So I planted my new yellow pansy in the awesome hand-painted Mexican planter I got in St. Augustine this year.

Happy Autumn!


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  2. Awesome Kristen! I love hearing your stories!! I pass by Grandma's Pumpkins everyday taking Chris to and from work...I think I am going to take the kids there this weekend to pick out pumpkins...but you need to let me know about this Whoopie Pie Festival....