Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ashley has blogged about Penzey's in Carytown a couple of times and it sounded cool, so Dave and I went to check it out today.  She was right - it is awesome!

It smells so good in there - just like when you walk into Yankee and the combination of every scent combined smacks you in the face, but in a good way?  Yeah, it's like that.  They have a great selection of spices, from baking to grilling, Asian, Indian, French, anything you could ever need!  The prices for most of the spices beats Kroger - sure, there are some specialty ones that are more expensive, but I'll pay $3.59 rather than >$5 anytime!

Also, they have tear-off recipes on display throughout the store.  I picked up ones for sweet potato muffins and turkey black bean chili - yum! 

I tried to restrain myself because I wanted to buy one of everything, and managed to get out with only 3 items:  mulling spices, chili 3000, and a grilling set (only $7.95!) that includes a BBQ rub, cajun seasoning, smoky seasoning salt, and a chicken and rib rub.  I've never used mulling spices in a recipe, but at Christmas time I add some to simmering water on the stove, along with some lemon or orange slices, and it smells like heaven!  If you've ever been to Colonial Williamsburg, downtown Fredericksburg, or the Biltmore during the Christmas season, I'm sure you've smelled this scent...

Dave was disciplined and didn't buy any spices because he didn't have his Bobby Flay cookbook or any recipes in mind.  But he did find the section of the store where they have empty jars that you can fill with your own spices and label them yourself.  He has a rib eye rub leftover from one of his grilling projects that will fit in these jars perfectly :)

My only disappointment is that I just realized from their website that this is a chain store.  That takes a little of the charm away, but just a little...


  1. Very cool! You'll have to teach me more about that good smelly stuff I want to try that!