Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Winter Inspiration: Golden Snitch Ornament

Dave is obsessed with Harry Potter. He has read all the books, seen all the movies, and has an entire Pinterest board dedicated to all things non-muggle.

He's trying to get me on board with his obsession. I've watched most of the movies, but I can't say I've paid attention or absorbed much information. My friends Maureen and Carrie were disappointed in my HP knowledge and challenged me during my NYC trip in the spring to read the first book before the fall semester - they knew I'd love the books, which would spark my interest in the rest of the Hogwarts world.

They were right. I started the book on a trip to the beach and finished it the next week when I was under the weather. It is so good! I get why the series is so popular - sure, it's for kids/young adults, but the story is so elaborate it sucks you in!  So now I'm dedicated to finishing the books, then re-watching the movies.

All that to say, I made Dave a golden snitch ornament inspired by one I saw on Pinterest:

I pulled a small gold bauble from our ornament box, and got all my other supplies at Hobby Lobby:

  • gold glittery cardstock
  • gold glittery puffy paint
  • rubber cement
I wish I had pictures to show how I did the wings, but my iPhone ate them. Boo. I cut two strips of the glittery card stock and glued the backs together with rubber cement to create a 2-sided glitterfest. Then I freestyle cut out each wing, using this photo as a guide.

Once my wings were ready, I used super glue to attach them to the bauble. I used super glue because it dries super fast (see what I did there?) so I wouldn't have to hold these things together for an hour while the glue dried.

Once the wings were attached to the ornament, I used the puffy paint to cover the raw edges of the paper. You could see the back sides of the paper in between the glittery sides, and the white was distracting. I also used puffy paint to create the design on the ornament. Since I'm no snitch expert, I wanted to make sure not to commit some Harry Potter faux pas while creating this!

Dave said no two snitches are alike and that I was free to design it any way I wanted.  Is that true? No two snitches are alike? I didn't know that, though unless it was in the first book, I have an excuse! :)

Here's my finished snitch ornament:

We'll have to wait until next year to display it on the tree, but I think it's festive and fun!

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