Saturday, May 14, 2011

New York City?!? Get a Rope! (Day 1)

Phil and Mo have lived in New York City for 7 or 8 years now, and we've talked and talked about going to visit them, but the talking never evolved into doing until this year.  Although it took us several email exchanges to find a weekend we were all free for some travel and fun, we finally set a date for our trip! 

Carrie and I booked our Amtrak seats (we splurged for business class for wider, nicer seats and an electrical outlet) and last Friday we were on our way!  Dave dropped us off at the train station and we began our 4 day journey. 

My anxiety was pretty high since I had no idea what to expect - I like to be in control of itineraries, routes, timing, and since I had no idea what we would be doing, how long it would take to get there or even how we'd get there, I had to just sit back and let Phil and Mo be our tour guides for the weekend.  That's not easy for me.  :)

I mapped out our destinations for each day using the 'My Maps' feature on Google Maps - here is day 1:

View NYC Day 1 in a larger map

The train ride was awesome!  We got off at Penn Station and hopped on the Subway to get to Inwood, where we'd be staying for the weekend.  We decided to stay in that night so we could cook dinner and just catch up.  We knew we'd be running here and there all weekend and might not take the time to just talk otherwise.  Mo got home from work late so we had dinner ready for her when she got home - polenta with roasted vegetables.  I didn't help much other than to sprinkle salt, pepper, and olive oil on the vegetables...I just watched Carrie and Phil do the rest :)

While we ate dinner we watched the season finale of Fringe - I've seen a few episodes and it's pretty good, but Maureen LOVES it!  It's the only tv show she religiously watches, so we couldn't let her miss the season finale!  It reminds me so much of LOST - the musical riffs especially.  I had to ask if it was a JJ Abrams show, and whaddya know?  It is.  No wonder.

So that's the exciting first day of our trip!

PS - I'm not the only one who remembers the Pace Picante commercials with the "New York City?!? Get a rope!" line, am I?  This might refresh your memory:

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