Thursday, January 19, 2012

Little Drummer Boy

Alternate Title:  Christmas number five!

On New Year's Eve, Dave and I visited my brother's family in Northern Virginia! I wanted to deliver some Christmas presents we picked up for my nephew, and I hadn't seen them since early summer - too long since they're only 2 hours away :)

Reed is one year and two days old and *this* close to walking, so we had fun watching him walk circles around their house, guided by his new Radio Flyer Walker Wagon. This thing is great - a wagon with a handle to push or pull and big grippy wheels to offer some resistance so Reed doesn't go flying across the hardwood floors! I'm not sure who got it for him, but he loves it!

After taking some laps around the house, we took it down a notch and played with his instruments - he has a little drum that came with a tambourine and egg-shaped maracas, so we tried to form a band...

...unfortunately Reed was more interested in eating the drumsticks than beating them on the drum.  It's so hard to find good talent these days! :)
Don't mind the cleavage.  BTW, this is my before picture :)

Amey and Eric gave us a framed picture of Reed - how cute is he in his little prepster outfit?


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  1. Reed looks just like your dad in that picture. :)