Thursday, January 26, 2012

One in a Million

This weekend we celebrated my nephew's first birthday!  Eric and Amey hosted a party at their house, and we enjoyed some lunch and all crowded around Reed to watch him inhale a piece of birthday cake!

When I loaded these pictures, they reminded me of a flip book - you know those photo books that you flip through real fast and it looks like a video?

He looks all cute and innocent, right?

The cake has arrived!  This boy is so smart - he's trained to know that when he sees the light on the camera, he needs to cheese smile.  Amey, her brother, her mom, and I were lined up taking photos, and he would smile at one camera, wait for the flash, then smile at the next camera, and so on.  He's ready for the red carpet!

He timidly touched his cake with one hand, just to test us and see if anyone would yell "Reed, no!"

When no one stopped him, he started to dig a little deeper:

Mmmmm, good!

Two-fisted cake slamming!

He demolished this slice of cake...

The aftermath:

His buddy, Dixie, took care of any last bits of icing and strawberry filling he missed:

Once he was all cleaned up he showed us his mad walking skills, aided by his Radio Flyer:

Happy Birthday Reed!

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