Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Welcome to the world, Agnes!

Before Agnes was born, Sharon had multiple baby showers - at work, Joe's work, at home in Jersey, old friends - so we decided to throw both her and Agnes a party after the birth. That way all the guests can enjoy the baby during the party, and Sharon could have a nice day out with the girls! :)

Bonnie offered up her house for the party, so we took over the dining room for a brunch. We hung streamers and paper lanterns, in pink and brown, and hung a paper banner I made.
bad lighting = user error

We had a good spread of food - Ukrop's chicken salad, which may have made its last appearance at one of our parties because it's now $10 a tub!, creme puffs, fresh fruit and cool whip, croissants, quiche, deviled eggs, and of course monogrammed cupcakes!

We served our favorite punch - orange sherbet, ginger ale, and orange slices -  so good!

We also made a candy bar, using miniature cocktail glasses and trifle dishes:

We decided against traditional baby shower games because, well, they're lame. Instead we bought some onesies for everyone to decorate! This is actually easier to plan than other games, with little preparation other than pre-washing the onesies, picking up some fabric paint, and finding cardboard pieces for inside them so the paint doesn't seep to the backside.

You would think that I, having had months to think about it since I knew we planned this activity, would have known how I would decorate mine. But, no. I froze. After some whining, I decided to use her name :)

The other girls did a great job with theirs:

Lastly, Sharon opened her gifts - she and Joe had already bought all the stuff on their registry that hadn't been gifted to them before Agnes was born, so most of this was bonus stuff :)

Of course we forgot a group picture. When will we get better about that?

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