Monday, January 23, 2012

70 Years Young!

Dave's mom recently celebrated her 70th birthday! To celebrate the milestone, we planned a dinner at Lemaire in the Jefferson Hotel.

Dave's brother and his wife flew in from Dallas to help us celebrate - and I'm pretty sure we pulled off that part of the surprise! But while we were at dinner, Ann admitted that she knew something was going on when Dave and Marv had a super secret conversation over at their house one day. Every time Ann would go over to them to join the conversation, they'd stop talking and find an excuse to move the conversation elsewhere. Then she'd find them again, lather, rinse, repeat. Also, Christmas Day I went outside to talk about gifts and plans with Marv while he was grilling some steaks, and we just happened to be standing right under the kitchen window, where Ann was washing veggies - she thought it was odd that we were out there so long :)  OOPS!

Even though we were there after Epiphany, The Jefferson was still decorated for the holidays and it was so pretty! They had a huge tree at the bottom of the Gone with the Wind steps, so we couldn't resist posing for some photos after dinner.

After dinner we went back to the parents' house so Ann could open her gifts - we got her something she really wanted, and something she's been hoping for...a digital camera (pink!) and a basic laptop for email and internet that she can call her own!

I think Ann was a bit overwhelmed by the surprises, attention, and gifts, but it was a great night!  We'll be doing it again in July when Marv turns 75!

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