Friday, January 20, 2012

Winter Inspiration: DIY Snow Globe!

Taylor Swift made a snow globe. From a Mason jar. How cool is that?

I wanted to make my own, so I googled how to do it. Apparently Taylor isn't the first girl to think of this, and she said she got the idea from Pinterest - I knew I liked her!

I went to 3 places (CVS, Hobby Lobby, and Ben Franklin) to get everything I needed to make the snow globe, although Hobby Lobby let me down:
  • gallon jug of distilled water
  • glycerin (by face washes at CVS)
  • glitter
  • bottle brush trees (59 cents on Christmas clearance!)
  • super glue
Just like my golden snitch, my iPhone ate the photos of the snow globe assembly :(, but it's pretty easy :)

I super glued the bottle brush trees (wood bases) to the lid of the jar. After a few hours, when the glue was dry, I filled the jar with water, a few drops of glycerin (slows down the glitter flow when you shake the globe), and glitter. Make sure to leave room for water displacement at the top of the jar!

I super glued around the rim of the jar, so when I put the lid on and let it dry, it would be completely sealed and no water would leak out during the shaking.  Here it is:

Notice it's not a Mason jar? I couldn't find one with a big enough mouth (that's what she said) so I used an empty jar that was collecting dust in my craft room.


Now if we can only get some actual snow!

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