Monday, January 16, 2012

Glamour Shotz!

While we were at the Colleluores' on our Four Christmases tour, we had a photo shoot with their baby girl, Agnes Ann!

Bonnie and I started a board on Pinterest before Agnes was born to brainstorm ideas we had for a potential baby shower,  gifts, and photo ideas we loved. We assumed Sharon would be okay with us stealing the baby to take some photos - and we were right!

Here are the photos we wanted to copy:

We gathered all the props we needed for the planned photos before we got there, and brainstormed outfits we could use. We didn't want to stress Sharon out with asking her for a ton of stuff when she was already hosting us for dinner, so we thought we should be prepared. :)

Here are our versions (courtesy of Dave Anderl Photography):
She always gets 1 arm out of the swaddle - she's a baby ninja!

She couldn't be bothered with the candy cane :)

We staged some additional shots after seeing her amazing wardrobe! This girl doesn't need any clothes until she's like 4 - entire chest of drawers full of frilly dresses, sparkly tops, and accessories galore! :)
Jersey girl praying already - starting early :)

This is her Winter Princess look :)

So fun! After the Winter Princess outfit we tried one last shot, but she was not having it!  She was fed up with us and became a total DIVA! :) She just wanted her binky and to be left alone for a while, and I can't say I blame her...

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