Tuesday, January 17, 2012

North Pole Cupcakes

I wanted to bring Christmas-themed cupcakes to our Christmas dinner at Sharon and Joe's, so I (naturally) trolled Pinterest for ideas!  I found these North Pole cupcakes and knew they were the ones!

I used my basic vanilla cupcake recipe and buttercream icing, and sprinkled white cake sparkles on top to make the frosting look like glistening snow.  I broke the curved part of the candy canes off and stuck them in the frosted cupcakes, adding a red M&M on top with some extra icing.  The final touch is the North Pole sign, also attached with some icing, and you're done!

These are so cute and festive!

Spot the fail cupcake?

Check out NOLA Mommy's blog for the free North Pole sign printable!

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