Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Romans 8:31

My religion teaches me to seek justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with my God. I am to serve the Lord, show respect for other religions, and share the Word. I accept people for who they are - although I might make fun of your hair :).  It's ok, you can make fun of mine too. I use my judgment, aided by my faith, to determine the correct course in life and sometimes I make mistakes.

I have never read the Bible from beginning to end. I rely on certain scriptures during hard times, but don't rely on them enough during good times. I'm working on that.

It hurts me to see Christians pluck one verse from the Bible and use it to justify discrimination and hate against a specific group of people. We have learned to overlook the verses surrounding Leviticus 20:13, like the one that compels us not to share communion with those who have skin conditions (sufferers of eczema, like me, appreciate that one) and the other one about wearing clothing made from more than one kind of cloth (like the poly/cotton blend cardy I have on right now).

Why the obsession with this specific verse? If we should use the Bible as a black and white rulebook, shouldn't we abide by every verse? If we did, we would all have unshaven faces and hair to our knees, all people with psychic abilities would be put to death, and anyone who surfed the crimson wave would be shunned.

Am I a bad Christian because I don't condemn people to Hell if I don't agree with their sexual orientation?  Am I a bad Christian because I am not willing to stone people who worship a different God?
Am I a bad Christian because I have defiled my body with a tattoo?

If those things make me wrong, I don't want to be a good Christian.


  1. Yes, I think you bring up some valid points. The Bible can be viewed as a vessel for contemplation and rumination, rather than as a strict and mandatory summons to abide by every word that is presented.

    However, contradictions within the text and cultural mandates that are now unacceptable should not be a reason to turn away from the teachings therein.

    The Bible is one of the greatest books of all time. The level of wisdom and clarity about life's issues is unmatched.

    We need to focus on the greatness of the words, not the inaccuracies or contradictions which emanate any time many people have a hand in writing, translating and massaging any textual content which is combined to form a major piece of literary work.

    And, in fact, the process of you contemplating the idea of what it takes to be a good Christian makes you one, in my opinion. Issues always arise any time that we go through the process of questioning and reasoning about things that we cannot fully understand.