Friday, January 21, 2011

January Junk Jettison: Week 3

This week was even harder!  That's what she said.  

Here's the week 3 update:

15 Sets of gift wrapping tags and stickers/seals:  When I organized our gift wrapping closet, these didn't make the cut.

16 Hanging Candles:  This one might be cheating just a little since technically 2 candles are attached by a string, making it 8 items, but I'm making it work :)  These were hanging from a cheap Ikea coat hook in the upstairs landing, and have recently been replaced by my awesome Richmond typography map!

17 Stamps:  If you read this post, you saw how many stamps I have.  It's an addiction.  So I'm getting rid of 17 of them.  There might be more coming before the end of the month ;)

18 Pairs of hole-y unmentionables:  There's no picture.  You're welcome.

19 Pairs of Bottoms:  Capris, skirts, pajama pants, pants.  

20 Tank tops:  Yep, 20.  You should see how many I still have.

***No picture of either 19 or 20, and here's why:  I took the pictures, bagged up all the clothes, took them to Goodwill, came home to load the pics, and they weren't on the memory card.  I also lost pictures of some scrapbooking projects I was working on at the time. Bummer.

21 Rolls of wrapping paper:  I recently overhauled/organized our wrapping closet and found SO many rolls of wrapping paper with designs that make me want to vomit.  So I'm getting rid of them.  We still have several rolls of cuter stuff.

Total items to be purged in January:  496
Items collected so far:  231
Items left:  265

**If you see anything that you could use in your house, let me know and I'll get them to you.  You know what they say, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure ;)


  1. Good job getting rid of things. Doesn't it make you feel good to purge? :)

  2. Wow I agree your doing a great job. I would love the gift wrapping stuff. I need to replinish my stack :)

    Bummed we couldn't meet for dinner the other night but it was good seeing Dave. Hope your feeling better!

  3. Amanda - I was so sick on Friday night! I slept pretty much all day and all night. Feeling much better but still not back to normal :) Thanks for the wishes :)

    Hope you guys had fun at the concert - I saw Dave's pics and I love seeing the guys' faces as they play. Definitely some John Mayer faces going on!