Friday, January 7, 2011

January Junk Jettison: Week 1

And so it begins...

Gathering items around the house we no longer need was easy for this week because I only needed to collect up to 7 of each item.  I have a feeling this will get much harder as the month progresses and I need 18 of something!  Eek!  I have some things in mind, so hopefully I won't have to resort to getting creative and say I'm Craigslisting "18 craft items" rather than something specific like 18 stamps or 18 blank Hallmark cards.  I'll only do that if I get desperate :)

Back to week 1 - here's what I came up with for donating, selling, or trashing:

1 Miniature Crockpot:  We received this as a wedding gift and have never used it.  I had dreams of making some sort of mulling spices concoction and letting it simmer all day, or queso for 2 people instead of 8 in the regular Crockpot, but neither of those has happened in the 5 years we've been married, so I assume they never will.  Goodbye mini Crockpot.

Note:  When you type Crockpot that many times it starts to look wrong.  Is it Crock Pot, or crock pot, or Crockpot, or none of the above?  Who cares.

2 Cooling Racks:  There's nothing wrong with them, and we've used them, but we have some bigger ones that I prefer, so these are goners.

3 candles that smell like crap:

4 Prep Bowls:  Had to have themNever used them.

5 Candle Plates:  Never used any of these and I'm not sure how they have survived previous purges.

6 S-Hooks:  I picked up a bunch of these for a kitchen utensil project above the stove.  Not sure why I bought so many, but I have had 6 extras in a drawer since completing that project.

7 hot pads:  We still have enough to cover us on holidays when we have multiple hot dishes out at once.

Total items to be purged in January:  496
Items collected this week:  28
Items left:  468

I'm off to collect items for week 2's purge!  Wish me luck! :)

**If you see anything that you could use in your house, let me know and I'll get them to you.  You know what they say, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure ;)

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  1. I don't see anything I NEED or WANT yet. I can't wait for the other postings. :)