Friday, December 24, 2010

YES!!! Richmond Typography Map is here!

At the beginning of December, Blue Elephant posted this picture on their Facebook page.  They had me at typography.

How nerdy and awesome is this?  I immediately told Dave I would LOVE to find this under the tree from Santa, but that I didn't know when they'd be available for purchase.  I hoped they'd be out before Christmas, but the closest thing to a time frame I could get was "a few weeks," so I tried not to get my hopes up.

Then last week, I was googling around to see if any other merchants had it in stock, and found a blog on the website of a local design firm, studioSavvy, saying it was available!  YES!!!  I guess the shriek I let out was a big enough hint for Dave to get online and snatch one up before the first 250 signed and numbered prints were gone!  Nice job, buddy!

It arrived just the other day and has been taunting me from inside its mailing tube under the tree ever since.  I got to open it Christmas Eve, and it is more awesome than I expected.

I have the perfect place for this in the foyer at the top of the stairs, but I won't bore anyone with the whys and hows for now...until I get it framed!

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