Friday, January 28, 2011

January Junk Jettison: Week 4

Now the hard work is over.  Before January started, I had collected Christmas ornaments and 31 disposable mini meatloaf pans for the purge.  Now that this week is over, I just need to find 29 of something and I'm finished!  Wahoo!

Here's what I collected this week:

22 Tops:  Sweaters and T-shirts (both long- and short-sleeved).

23 Stencils for painting or quilting:  These can be used for stenciling a vine or sun-with-a-smiley-face design around a doorway or where wallpaper borders typically go (do they still do that?), or can be used for drawing a quilting pattern on fabric to be sewn later.  I kept my favorites, but don't need these, mostly because they're letters, stars, hearts, etc.

24 Piece oil painting set (this one is a stretch, I know):  Last Christmas Dave wanted to start painting.  I bought him 12 brushes and 12 tubes of oil paint.  He's never used them.  Buh-bye.

25 Scrapbooking recipe card holders:  These were in a box in the closet full of random scrapbooking stuff I have no other place for.  If they're not stickers, stamps, fabric, paper, or embellishments, they go in this box.  Most of the stuff in the box has not seen daylight in a while, including this set of 25 recipe card holders that can be attached to a scrapbook page.

26 Brads:  When I decided I had a million dollar idea on my hands after making a few message boards, I went crazy buying brads to hold the ribbon to the fabric.  I'm not sure why I bought this particular color/postage stamp designed pack, so they're out the door.

27 Buttons:  I have no idea how I acquired so many buttons, and I probably could get rid of 270, but I'll stick with 27 so as not to mess with the pattern we have going.

28 More stamps:  I told you there might be more stamps purged after the 17th.  Here they are:

Total items to be purged in January:  496
Items collected so far:  406
Items left:  90

Only 3 days left!

**If you see anything that you could use in your house, let me know and I'll get them to you.  You know what they say, one woman's trash is another woman's treasure ;)


  1. i have loved reading your january junk jettison posts. very inspiring to declutter and get organized!! :)

  2. Thanks dude! It's been eye-opening, seeing that I got rid of ~500 items and the box of stuff isn't really that big! I still have some purging, especially in the blanket/jewelry area :) It's addicting! haha

    February's project will be eating the random stuff out of the freezer/pantry to get rid of food that's been there for a while...stuff we bought thinking we'd eat it but haven't. I'm not wasting all that food.