Sunday, January 23, 2011

BFF day and the coolest fabric ever!

I'm so glad to be out of this funk I've been in this week!  I pretty much slept through the last 2 days trying to fight off a cold with the help of my friend, Nyquil!  

Since I felt better today, Bonnie came down today for a BFF day.  We started with lunch at Mojo's downtown - I've never been there but she went there with Ashley and recommended the 'Not YoMama's BLT.'  It was awesome!  Herbed bread, tons of lettuce, fresh bacon, and Sun Chips on the side!  Yum!

After lunch we went up the street to U-Fab so I could look for fabric for new living room curtains.  We didn't find anything I loved and couldn't live without, but we did get a couple samples to bring home for Dave's opinion...

I like this one:

We'll see what Dave says, but I predict the face will look something like this:

We found some perfect fabric for the office while we were there, though!  Currently the window in the office is completely naked - not even mini blinds since the cat broke them during a catnip binge.  I bought some cheap, cheap fabric for that window a while ago that I just liked, and it's just not right.  It's a really organic-looking and tan - it's the same shade as the furniture.  It's really boring - and it's been in the bag ever since I bought it.

The color scheme is perfect and it's just dorky enough to fit the room.  :)

More on those curtains later...

After the fabric shopping, we took a road trip out to Powhatan to Gather, a cool little shop I read about on Ashley's blog.  I was thinking it'd be way far out in the country but it's only a mile past 288 on Midlothian plus a couple of turns.  It feels like it's in the middle of nowhere once you're there.  It's completely silent other than a car passing by every few minutes.  Very peaceful.  The merchandise is very nice but expensive - I just can't justify paying $42 for a cake plate or $24 for a coffee mug with dinosaurs on it.  We left empty-handed other than some scenic pictures:

Then we went to Hobby Lobby, where we talked about so many projects we could do!  It was fun!  Then we came home to have dinner and baked some goodies - peanut butter blossom cookies and Reese's no bake dessert bars:

Lovely BFF day!


  1. Thanks for the fun BFF day! :) I'm glad you're feeling better but you should take it easy for the next couple of days b/c you don't want to get sick again.

  2. Your PB blossom's look delish. -

  3. PB Blossoms = yum! I have enjoyed reading your blog - you should add it to an aggregator!