Thursday, January 6, 2011

Spontaneous Date Night...and some gum :(

Dave and I decided to ride home from work together so I could help him spend a Williams-Sonoma gift card.  Um, twist my arm!!!  Of course I'll help you spend $100!  We wanted to go to dinner somewhere near Regency near the store (no way am I going to Short Pump 2 weeks after Christmas!), and I remembered my coworker, Kara, mentioning they frequent The Tavern, so we decided to try it.

The place is awesome!  It's very casual and comfortable - the servers don't wear uniforms, which makes it feel less like a restaurant and more like going to a friend's house for dinner.  Is that cheesy?  It's how it made me feel.

I got a shrimp burger, which is like a crab cake but with shrimp instead of crab.  Yum!  I was not looking forward to figuring out how many Weight Watchers points that bad boy was (28 for the cake, bun, and fries, btw!)...and we had dessert.  Dave got a BBQ sandwich.

I had a $7 glass of wine with dinner - Cielo Pinot was good, although we made a bet while I was drinking it that we could find a bottle of it next door at Corks&Kegs for about the same amount as I paid for the glass.  Well, it wasn't really a bet because we both knew it was true - but just for fun after dinner we walked over to Corks&Kegs.  What do you know?  The bottle was $9.99.  I bought it.  And If it was chilled I'd be drinking another glass right now.  My favorite (and only) comment from the wine website I linked above on this wine's page is:

Name: Angela from Morris Plains, NJ
I use this as a wine to cook with. Wouldn't serve it to guests at a dinner party, but fine for a basic glass of white.

Well, pin a rose on your nose, lady.  Your guests are too good for this wine?  <--This is the type of comment that earned me the title of 'troll' today on the internets.  But that's a story for later.

Ok, back to the Tavern.  When I sat down and got up from the table, I tried to slide down the bench like I usually do, and I got some resistance.  I just assumed it was worn paint or something, or my polyester pants...didn't think anything of it.  But when we arrived at Regency and I got out of the car, my pants stuck to something on the car and when I turned around (assuming I had snagged them on something) I saw pink stickiness on the seat of the car.  I shouted a couple of expletives and then asked Dave to look at the seat of my pants for gum...sure enough there was some.  DAMN!

He went shopping by himself while I stayed in the car and played with my new iPad... :)  On the way home, I looked up ways to get gum out of clothes - using this website.  The option I chose is maybe the least green of the ones provided, but I don't have any vinegar except red wine vinegar, which I assumed would leave stains.  I knew we had Goo Gone in the garage - I bought it to get paint out of the craft room carpet from a mini-disaster, so when we got home I got to work getting that gum out of my new pants!!

Here they are, all gummed up - it's ALL over the back!

The website said all I needed to do was spray the Goo Gone on the pants, immediately scrape it with the back of a butter knife, rub away any loose gum, and repeat as necessary...and it worked!  It was so easy!

Here they are now:

I threw them in the wash to make sure the Goo Gone was rinsed off, and they're good as new!

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