Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! / Happy Birthday Eddie!

We went to the Colleluores' for a New Year's Eve open house, as well as to celebrate Eddie's birthday!  We brought some champagne - 1 bottle from our fridge and 1 that Nate won for participating in an amateur comedy show on our cruise back in March.  He rocked that stage!

unfortunately, between playing with some of the kids' games Sharon bought to entertain the little people, and discussing a potential beach trip next year, we totally were not prepared for the ball drop!  When we realized it was 19 seconds to midnight, all the girls got up and scrambled to get everyone together, but we knew it was a lost cause.  So we paused the ball drop.

Is that even allowed?!?  Thank God for DVR or we would have missed New Year altogether!  Ok, we kinda did miss it, but in our minds when we unpaused it 3 minutes later (champagne in hand) and counted down to pseudo-midnight, it felt the same as if it actually was midnight.  :)
Dave seems worried about something - maybe because he knew this champagne toast was a sham?

Shortly after our champagne toast and the traditional NYE kiss, we quickly changed gears to celebrate Eddie's birthday.  We demolished the birthday cake Crystal brought, and he opened his gifts, and then the boys continued the poker game they had started earlier in the night.

Good times, as always :)

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