Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Scrappin' the days away

Scott, my coworker, asked me to help him make a scrapbook that he was using to propose to his girlfriend...isn't that sweet!?!  He wanted to make a book that chronicled their courtship up to this point, and the last page would hold the ring.  So cute.

He bought his album, paper, and printed all the pictures from their childhoods, first date, a concert and basketball game they went to, etc.  I just helped him bring all the pieces together by providing some stickers that went with some of the pages, and did a couple pages to get him started.  We left journaling space on each page for him to describe where they were, how he felt, and all that other mushy love stuff.

We worked on this during lunch every day last week, and he continued to work on it at night from home.  He worked so hard on it and it was obvious that he wanted to make it perfect, since it would be a part of such a special day/event for them.

Here he is, in action:

Here's the money page - his lewd title, not mine:

He did such a good job - so good that she said yes!

Congratulations Scott and Trudy! <3

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