Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reminiscing...Day 3

Tuesday was another day at sea...we didn't do much.  Bonnie and I roamed around the boat, taking breaks to read, snack, listen to random songs in the piano bar, etc.

We also went to a cooking demonstration up in the steakhouse, but we only stayed for a few minutes because it was hot, sunny, and there were no seats left.

That handsome young lad in the blue is our assistant cruise director, William.  He's from South Africa.  He's HOT.  That is all.

It was a pretty lazy day, as you can see here:

Dave and Nate spent most of the day working on Nate's routine for the amateur comedy night.

Nate was so nervous and excited!  They rehearsed over and over and over again.  I think Nate had every word memorized by the time they were done, but took his notes up on stage with him in case the bright lights, crowd, and microphone in his hand made him blank.  He did so awesome, though!

Here's his set:

After the comedy show we went to the 24-hour pizza bar on the top deck and ate way too much!  Tons of people came up to Nate congratulating him on his performance and telling him how funny his jokes were!  So cool!  They all loved the banana joke - for the rest of the week people were coming up to him asking 'what's with those bananas?'  Haha!

Lazy day over!

Next up is Cocoa Beach, FL!  Stay tuned...

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