Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reminiscing...Day 4

Today we're revisiting our stop in Cocoa Beach, FL.  It was the first of three ports on our trip, and was the least interesting slash shortest stop.  Mostly because we'd all either been there recently and/or thought it was dirty.  The ship was in port from 7am-7pm, and I think we may have been off the boat for 3 hours?  Something like that. We hopped on a shuttle from port (Port Canaveral) to Cocoa Beach, which was about a 10 minute ride.

The shuttle let us out at Ron Jon Surf Shop so we shopped for a bit, trying to take it easy with the spending since we'd be shopping in the Bahamas the next day.  I, of course, bought a souvenir t-shirt (it's a weakness of mine), some fake starfish, and both this awesome coin purse and this awesomer zipper pouch.

After consulting a map to make sure we weren't all mistaken that this place wasn't hiding some gem of an outing...

..we headed over towards the ocean to get our toes into the sand, just to say we touched the beach there.

Then we walked around trying to find some grub.  We stopped here, where we weren't waited on for 20 minutes, and here, where there were no seats other than 99 cent plastic deck chairs in the smokey room with the pool tables.  Don't ask how or why I remember such minute details of a lunch break a year ago, yet I can't recall what people tell me they want in the drive-thru when they're in the car with me.  A few blocks away we found a lovely place - Old Fish House Restaurant, where we dined on gator tail and crab cake sammiches...except Bonnie, who probably had some sort of chicken.  She's not a seafood girl.

That's the end of our Cocoa Beach excursion.  We hopped back on the shuttle back to the ship just as it was starting to drizzle.  The rain didn't last long, so once we were back on the boat we went up to the top deck to read.  We're such nerds.  We're in a beach town during spring break and we choose to stay on the boat to read a book.  I'm okay with it.

This might be my 2nd favorite picture of Nate ever.  He was so obsessed with this book the whole week, and we (including him) were surprised by it.  Nate's not a reader.  He's a music guy, a technology guy, a Family Guy, er, guy...not a book guy.  It was a pleasant surprise, and the snippets of the book he read and relayed to us helped me understand his was a true and intriguing story.

BTW, this is my all-time, unwavering favorite picture of him:

I have no pictures to help me remember the rest of the Cocoa Beach day, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say we ate dinner, went to the Taj Mahal lounge to see a show, and then ate second dinner around midnight...then went to bed.

Since that's what we did on every other night, I think it's safe to assume my guess is right.

Let's take a look at our cabin, shall we?

We took these after Cocoa Beach but it looks like we just got there.  I was way OCD about keeping things inside cabinets and the safe because it was so small and I felt claustrophobic.  All the clothes, suitcases, and shoes were in the wardrobes and stayed that way all week.

This picture's making me sleeeeepy.....

Tomorrow we head to Nassau, Bahamas!


  1. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for all the memories!! :) Oh....and if I remember stepped in some mud near the fish place and whined about it and of course Nate made fun of you. :)

  2. You are SO right! I remember that now! I love that I forget that detail! LOL

    He had every right to make fun of me b/c I did whine like a little girl all the way back to the ship and then I washed my foot :) haha