Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reminiscing...Days 6 and 7

Next on our cruise was a stop in Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island.

It was the shortest port of call, especially for those of us who didn't wake up at 7am when the ship docked.  There was a band playing in a gazebo at the port right when we got off the boat...

...that set the tone for a nice, beachy, relaxing day...

This wasn't like Nassau where the locals were ready to pounce when we got off the boat...we had to go to them.  There were a few little shops at the port, but nothing too exciting.  We took a taxi about 10 miles to the shopping village, Port Lucaya Marketplace, a more low-key straw market with plenty of stores and cool restaurants.

We picked up some more souvenirs, had BLT's at a corner cafe, and headed back to the port to visit the little shops there.

You'll notice no pictures of Dave from this trip because he stayed on the boat to catch some sun up on the deck with a fruity drink in his hand...

Friday night was pretty lazy for us.  We had another formal night and headed to bed...

Saturday was even lazier.  All my picture archive says we did was play a TV theme song trivia game, where Dave won a "24-karat gold plastic ship on a stick."  We waited all week to win one of those things, and finally one of us did!  They gave these out as prizes for just about every trivia challenge, audience participation event, and even to kids when they did cute stuff.

Then we went to a debarkation briefing, where they went over everything we needed to do on Sunday to get off the boat.  They have this process nailed down to the minute.  It was smooth and easy getting off the ship in the morning, and we were on our way home...sad :(  But it was a great trip!
Heading back into Baltimore Harbor

Thanks for Captain Vito and crew for getting us there and back safely!

Thanks to Jaime Deitsch for entertaining us along the way!

Lastly, thanks to the Millers for the idea to celebrate our anniversaries in this manner!

A parting shot...

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