Thursday, March 3, 2011

I always wanted a leather chair!

And now I got one!  ;)

Dave and I were in Sears over Christmas break to buy a vacuum.  On each of our many trips upstairs and downstairs and upstairs and downstairs (long story) over multiple days (another long story), we walked past this awesome low-profile leather chair.  I ogled and coveted and yearned and just plain ol' lusted after this chair. Every. Single. Time.  I might have taken a break and reclined in it, oh, I'd say on about half of the trips.   Not because I needed a break, but because I loved it that much.  And it was on sale!

I loved it so much that I didn't buy it.

Why didn't I buy it?  It was Christmas, which is always heavy on the pocketbook, plus I didn't think it was responsible to impulse-buy a leather chair.  And we'd already purchased a several-hundred-dollar vacuum that morning.

Then came the daydreaming.  And the night sweats.  Ok, no night sweats, but I did daydream about that chair all the time.  When we have people over we can only seat 4 people in the living room, and even then 3 people are on the couch invading each other's personal space.  This adds a seat or means the person sitting in the middle of the couch can have their own

The best thing about this chair is that it's a recliner that doesn't look like a recliner.  It looks all formal and classy, but it's all a sham.  This guy is waiting to enable you when you're feeling lazy.

I stalked the chair online to make sure the sale price wasn't going anywhere.  I was satisfied after a full month that the savings claim - down from $649 to $399 - was just there to make me feel like I was getting a deal because it never went back up to full price.  So I saved some pennies and when I had enough to pay cash for it, I pulled the trigger.

I picked it up tonight (had it shipped to the store) and we set it up in 3 easy steps:

  1. Take chair out of box and screw on the legs.
  2. Dress chair up with new Target blanket and already-owned throw pillow.
  3. Ask Dave to test it out and time how long it takes him to fall asleep.
4 minutes later, here we are!  :)

I'm still tweaking it a little - gotta find that perfect spot so that it doesn't hit the laptop desk or window when reclined, but doesn't stick out into the room so much when it isn't reclined.

Oh, and it's not tall and skinny like it looks in the pics, that's my shitty photography skills.  It's short and wide. Like me.

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