Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reminiscing...Day 2

We all slept in on the first full day of the cruise.  We were on vacation, after all.  Our hopes of waking up to sunshine and warm weather were fulfilled when we opened the curtains leading to our balcony.

When we booked our cruise, we wanted a balcony room so Dave could drink his morning coffee and enjoy the sea breeze.  We knew the view would be 'partially obstructed'' by a lifeboat.  This is one obstructed view I don't mind, since it means I could be first on the lifeboat in an emergency.  I realized as soon as I got on the boat and we did our emergency drill that everybody goes to the top decks and my chance of getting on the lifeboat first was slim.  I never spent more than 5 minutes on our balcony because it was a long way down from deck 5 and I watch too much Nancy Grace.

After reviewing the Fun Times pamphlet left on our beds the night before, we planned out the day at sea.

First up was an ice carving demonstration up on the pool deck.

Sleepy Dave

Then we hung out in one of the lobbies, drinking fruity drinks...

...and listening to an awesome guitar player who sang acoustic versions of 90's rock songs like 'Come as you are' and some Sound Garden song, as well as Beatles' Octopus's Garden:

Next, we split up - Nate found a quiet corner to read his book, Citizens of London, Bonnie and I went to the lounge to watch Bingo or trivia games...

...and Dave went to a food and wine pairing up in the steakhouse.  He was nerdily excited about this!

It was the first of two formal nights on the ship, so we got dressed up, had dinner, and went to the Captain's party in the main lobby.

We took pictures out on the deck...

We finished off the night with another show by Lewis Nixon, an adults only set.  It was mostly sex jokes - we laughed, but it was uncomfortable laughter.

Another day at sea coming up tomorrow!

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