Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Irish Soda Bread

A coworker suggested we have an Irish-themed potluck for St. Patrick's Day tomorrow - yes please!

As soon as she mentioned it I started Googling 'Irish recipes,' and since Guinness cake was already claimed by her, I decided to make Irish Soda Bread, paired with apple jelly.  All the recipes looked pretty complicated at the time, not sure why, so after Googling recipes I Googled 'Irish Soda bread mix.'  Haha.

I found a local organic grocery store, Good Foods Grocery, that carries a mix by Bob's Red Mill.  Martin's supposedly carries it too, but I called 3 stores and none of them had any idea what I was looking for, so I gave up and gave my business to this local grocery.  Good Foods has a wide selection of organic produce and seeds/spices/baking supplies, natural foods, and gluten-free items.

Took me a minute to find the place because I'm dumb.  I drove past this shopping center map a few times, even stopping in front of it to look up the store - the grocery store is RIGHT behind the map!  Haha!

Spices/seeds/baking supplies aisle:

Local honey, which may (according to the internets) will help alleviate your seasonal allergies by building a tolerance to local pollen.  There are almost as many arguments against this statement as for - so I'll remain neutral on the subject.  Even if it doesn't help your allergies, local honey supports local farmers, so still a bonus.

I loved that they had a ton of recipes around the store using the products they sell.  This is a great feature for customers who may be new to the whole organic revolution or have to start eating gluten-free for health issues, like I may have to soon.

I cooked my soda bread tonight - since I used a mix it was pretty easy!  :)

Still new for me - I don't think I've  made anything that needed a bed of flour before.  Bonnie makes gingerbread cookies so she's done it, Ashley makes Nana cookies so she has too, but I don't think I ever have.  I thought I had heard that you can use parchment paper under the flour so it doesn't get everywhere, so I did that.

And I used my super awesome new paddle with silicon around the edges to keep the dry ingredients from riding up the sides of the bowl!

I spooned the batter onto the flour and rolled it into a ball with floured hands; then transferred it to a pie pan.  Cutting a cross into the dough helps the middle cook thoroughly, but there's also a myth that it keeps the devil away...

All done!  Yum!

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