Wednesday, April 28, 2010

You'd think I'd be sick of Williamsburg by now...

...but no.  Never gonna happen.

Yesterday, my work peeps and I got out of the office and stepped back 250 years into the American Revolution.  We went to Colonial Williamsburg to play tourists for the day.  It's good for our mental health to get the hell out of dodge every once in a while.

Initially, I was so excited to go down for the day because I knew that we had a 3 day meeting starting today.  I had bit plans to hang out with the team for the day, then make my own mental health afternoon by doing some damage at the Yankee Candle flagship store, the outlets, and perhaps even hang out in Sunken Garden reading my Amish book. 

And then, I read my Biology syllabus.


What was scheduled last night?  Yep, an exam.  Can't skip an exam, no matter how comfortable you are in Sunken Garden.

There went my plans.  Too bad.  But I still had a ton of fun walking DoG street yesterday.  We toured Bruton Parish, the Governor's Palace, the Thomas Everard House, and all the little shops.  We were all over the place, back and forth, across the street, up, down, are my feet tired!  Here are some pics from the day:
Todd, the squirrel tamer...

...and Mark, the loner

I was dumb, and didn't get a group shot, but if I did, it would have been us surrounding one of the many Union Jack flags around town, all giving 2 thumbs down.  Franklin brought up a good point:  If we came here to flee England and their oppression, why'd we display their flag all over the place? 

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